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When are promotions most likely?

A study says January is the best month

A study says January is the best month for getting a job promotion. Credit: iStock

January -- the month known for blizzards, Super Bowls, States of the Union. Add to that being the best month for getting a job promotion.

That’s based on an analysis by LinkedIn, the social networking site for professionals, which found January, followed by June and July, to be the top months overall for U.S. professionals when it comes to getting ahead at work.

“LinkedIn was launched in 2003, but our data allows us to identify professional trends that span decades,” said DJ Patil, LinkedIn's chief scientist, in a release. The findings are based on close to three million intra-company job changes from among the site’s more than 90 million members, with the majority of job-title updates estimated to be associated with promotions.

His team also found that advancement for Millennials, those born in the 1980s and 1990s, is less tied to January and more spread out through the year.

Certainly, promotion cycles vary by industry, and the review found that:

--September is the big promotion month for those in management consulting;
--April, July, October for those in information technology;
--The BAD month for retailers getting ahead? December, followed by November.

While LinkedIn data suggests that accountants tend to get promoted during summer months, Robert Micera says the magic month for employees at  Margolin, Winer & Evens LLP in Garden City – where he’s human resources director -- is October.

That’s when annual performance reviews are given, he said, followed up by moves to the next level for those who meet clearly set-out goals.

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