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Woodbury company wins Homeland Security contract

Intellicheck Mobilisa has won a contract to supply the Port Authority with handheld biometric ID card readers, the Woodbury-based company said Tuesday.

The mobile card readers are part of a high-tech Homeland Security Department program aimed at preventing intruders from posing as workers at the nation's ports.

The machines read ID badges that contain such biometric data as fingerprints and are issued to maritime workers who need unescorted access to secure areas of the nation's ports.

"I think everyone can recognize the value of supporting the Port of New York and New Jersey in increasing their security measures," Nelson Ludlow, chief executive of Intellicheck Mobilisa, said in a statement.

"As one of the nation's busiest port facilities, with facilities located in the heart of Manhattan, they are particularly vulnerable to security threats. We are very excited to be working with them as they implement" new security measures, he said.

The transportation worker identity credential, or TWIC, program is a government initiative that provides tamper-resistant biometric identification cards to port facility workers. The cards became a mandatory requirement for access to all U.S. ports as of April 15.

"Intellicheck Mobilisa was among the first to offer a Department of Homeland Security TWIC reader," Steve Williams, Intellicheck chief operating officer, said in the company's statement.

"Our mobile TWIC platform is the first of its kind to be implemented in the field. Given our Defense ID System is a proven commodity in use at military bases throughout the U.S., we are confident that our TWIC reader will see the same level of success throughout our nation's port facilities," he said.

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