Cardinal Timothy Dolan paid a visit to the Parish of Sacred Heart in Dobbs Ferry, celebrating Mass in honor of the Catholic church's 150th anniversary.

During his sermon, Dolan told parishioners that, of his many responsibilities as cardinal and head of the Archdiocese of New York, celebrating Mass is still his favorite.

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Mass "is the one I enjoy the most -- being with God's people at one of our most magnificent parishes," he said.

Dolan, who is known for his sharp wit, charmed parishioners and spoke of their good works in the community. He said he recently was moved to tears during a visit to Staten Island, when a truck full of donated goods from Sacred Heart arrived for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

"And right then, a truck pulled up because you got the word, and it was loaded with practical household items like mops and detergent and baby diapers," Dolan said.

Dolan's visit was particularly important for parishioners such as choir director Susan Herceg, who was baptized and married at Sacred Heart.

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"It's very moving for me to have the cardinal here," she said before Mass. "I just think he's going to add so much to the ceremony."