EDISON - Gov. Chris Christie says he doesn't approve of a New Jersey appeals court ruling that found a person who knowingly sends a text to a driver can share liability if the driver causes an accident.

A three-judge state appeals court panel stressed that drivers are obligated to obey traffic laws and not transmit or read text messages while driving.

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But they found that the sender of a text that distracted the driver also could be held civilly responsible in the event of a crash if the sender knew or had special reason to know that the recipient would view the text while driving and thus be distracted.

"I still think the obligation is on the driver," Christie says. "Hold the people who really have the responsibility, responsible."

This ruling comes after a Morris County case that attracted national attention. Two adults lost their left legs when their motorcycle was hit in 2009, by a teenager who got distracted while texting and driving in Mine Hill.

The injured couple settled their lawsuit against the driver for $500,000.