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2015 Ford F-150 spied, shows resemblance to Ford Atlas concept

More 2015 Ford F-150s are being spied in

More 2015 Ford F-150s are being spied in public as the truck's debut inches closer. Credit: / KGP Photography

As we get closer to the debut of the next-generation 2015 Ford F-150, we're hearing about and seeing more test units in public. Clearly there will be three distinct cab configurations, but everyone is guessing about what materials the truck incorporates and how much it will look like the Ford Atlas concept.

At this point, all we know for sure is that Ford has spent plenty of money on full-body camouflage for each of the test trucks that make it outside the gates of proving ground test facilities. Here's what spies recently saw:

Cutting Through the Camo

"Ford has done an admirable job keeping prototypes for the 2015 F-150 heavily cloaked in camouflage, leaving even the smallest details covered in some form of marine vinyl.

Today, however, we spotted the first meaningful chink in the armor, revealing the F-150's headlight design in a modestly undisguised form. While there's still a minor bit of black mesh covering the camo's headlight opening, the light and our lens thoroughly penetrates the mesh and reveals a headlight that looks far more adventurous than those found on GM's latest Silverado or Sierra."

Atlas Cues Revealed

"Just as we see on the Atlas concept, the production F-150 shows a trim piece that cuts into the headlight, nearly bisecting it into upper and lower sections. The shape of the headlight, its interaction with the front fender, and its interplay with the grille shape looks to be a carbon copy between the Atlas concept and the production-spec prototype caught on the streets of Dearborn [Mich.]. The only difference seems to be the headlight internals, which have the reflectors and lighting elements necessary for a volume-production product — instead of something designed primarily for auto show flash.

"After this look at the F-150's headlight, and its telltale Atlas-inspired designs flourish, we now have our first solid proof that the concept truck truly does foreshadow a key element of the new F-series' front fascia. Considering that the headlight and grille makeup the bulk of a car's character and identity, it now seems safe to say that the rest of the F-150 will similarly follow the lead of the Atlas concept."

Best Look at the 2015 Grille

"Another F-150 prototype gave us our best look yet at new truck's grille. It's still covered by some camouflage, but we're getting our first look at a heavily chromed grille. The placement and size of the Ford oval is also revealed. For those who believe that Ford's Atlas concept was a strong design direction for the next F-150, everything seems to be falling into place very nicely."

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