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Bullitt Mustang, Pulp Fiction Chevrolet among cinematic car legends

An infographic that originally appeared on CJ Pony

An infographic that originally appeared on CJ Pony Parts illustrates the cars featured in movies considered cult classics. Photo Credit: Handout

It's no use debating the best car movie of all time, or the best car featured heavily in any film. It's a futile endeavor. Survey 50 automotive enthusiasts, and you'll likely get at least 50 distinct answers -- to each of those questions.

But what about the best infographic on the connection between Hollywood and hot rods? Well, Car Nation was sent what might just be the coolest-looking car-movie infographic on the Web. Originally posted on CJ Pony Parts, a Mustang parts and enthusiasts website, the infographic depicts six cars that were said to be made legendary by the "cult classic" movies in which they were featured.

Now, we have lots of bones to pick with the actual selections. For example, "Dark Knight" is far from the typical definition of a cult classic. Since that blockbuster movie is included, the omission of the "Goldfinger" DB5, Ferris Bueller's Ferrari 250 GT California and the DeLorean DMC-12 of "Back to the Future" seems inexcusable.

But to each his own.

Feel free to voice your opinion in the comments, but in the meantime, enjoy the beauty of the graphic in all its glory below. Hard to find fault in the way it's presented. 

Movies That Made Vehicular Legends Infographic

Infographic by CJ Pony Parts


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