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Google driver-free cars

Google Inc. has said their spooky driver-free cars have logged more than 140,000 miles on California roads. Check out the story.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt said “your car should drive itself. It just makes sense.” “It’s a bug that cars were invented before computers.”

This clearly makes Mr. Schmidt a jerk. But is he right? Imagine being zoned out from not driving and the system fails or you see an out of control blimp plummeting toward your thruway exit. You're even less prepared to take the wheel in an emergency. Then again, driving without hands sounds awesome.

There's also a YouTube vid of one of these Skynet units with what looks like a "Mr. Fusion" on the roof. 

This technology does raise a few questions though: Do we even need to be in the car? How long will it be before a car gets pulled over in the HOV lane filled with nothing but manikins?


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