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Lose your car? Never!

Auto Finder

Auto Finder

ADVERTORIAL - Losing your vehicle is easy when it's parked in a large, busy lot or parkade and you're gabbing on the cell phone on the way inside. That problem is history with one of the tracking systems from The Auto-Finder. Each unit consists of an in-car beacon and a battery-powered remote finder.

Just press to activate the system (up to a distance of one-half mile) and a visual and audible sound emanating from the beacon lets you know precisely where your vehicle is parked. The basic kit sells for about $80, while the deluxe version that comes with its own custom travel case costs $80. The company also sells versions for multiple vehicles and/or family members.

See the full line at, or call 888-679-3463.

You can make the chore of changing a flat tire somewhat easier and a lot quicker with the Roadside Automatic Jack from Automotive Specialty Tools. Once it has been positioned beneath one of your vehicle's lift points (as indicated in your owner's manual), you simply plug the seven-foot electrical cord into the cigarette-lighter socket (or similar power source) and hit the control button.

In a matter of seconds, the jack's motor will lift the car to get the tire off the ground so in can be removed and the spare installed. The Roadside Automatic Jack is rated for 2,000 pounds, which should be sufficient for most cars and light-duty trucks. Order yours for $73.50 from

Eagle One has landed yet again with a brand new product designed to take care of your car's waxing needs more quickly and easily. According to the company, Eagle One claims its new Gel Wax performs as well as conventional paste wax, but requires less time since you don't have to wait for the product to haze or dry before wiping clean.

The carnuba-based wax also won't leave a white residue behind, as do some other polishes, and will work on black trim and molding without causing discoloration. A 16-ounce bottle of Gel Wax retails for about $10 and can be purchased from most auto parts and big-box department stores.

For further product information and detailing tips, visit, or call 800-432-4531.

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