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'Man of Steel' gets custom Ram Power Wagon pickup

Ram has partnered with Warner Bros. Pictures to

Ram has partnered with Warner Bros. Pictures to create a special 2013 Ram 2500 Power Wagon with a Man of Steel theme. Photo Credit: Ram

Oddly, the main vehicle featured for the red-carpet premiere events for "Man of Steel" across the United States is a 2013 Ram 2500 Power Wagon, but we're told all the commercials for the movie showcase the Ram 1500. Additionally, you will be able to spot some classic Dodge products in the movie itself. Regardless, we love the theme of the advertising: "Everyone has the ability to do something amazing -- some just do it on a more regular basis."

If that doesn't apply to pickup trucks when compared to normal-everyday cars, nothing does. Summer is prime time for Hollywood to roll out blockbuster movies, and one of the biggest movies headed our way is "Man of Steel." We may not be in the business of reviewing movies (we can't remember the last good movie we've seen), but we do like pickup trucks. That's why when we heard that Ram Truck was working with the latest Superman movie, we got curious.

Whether this "Man of Steel" special edition becomes a special option package for Ram remains to be seen. The custom Ram Power Wagon made its debut on the red carpet on June 10 at the New York City world premiere of the movie, and will be on display around the country after that. It eventually will be auctioned for charity. We fully expect to see the truck at the State Fair of Texas later this year.

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