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Mazda teases new Mazda6

Mazda's Takeri concept, the basis of the next

Mazda's Takeri concept, the basis of the next generation Mazda6. Credit: Handout

Mazda first showed its Takeri concept at the Tokyo Motor Show this past December. The  platform will be the basis of Mazda's next generation of its midsize sedan, the Mazda6.

Mazda hopes that the new styling direction, a departure from the outgoing Nagare line, will breathe new life and interest into the brand. The second-tier Japanese automaker has struggled since its split from Ford. Those difficulties were compounded when the huge tsunami a year ago in northern Japan ruined much of its stock.

The Mazda3, the 6's little brother, was frequently praised in its second generation and gained mainstream success. The Mazda6 flopped, overshadowed by others like the Toyota Camry and the Ford Fusion.

This generation's success remains to be seen, like much of the actual car. Mazda has released two short trailers, but there's no way to tell what the car will look like for certain. However, it's still clear that so far, Mazda is following the Takeri concept pretty closely -- that means that the Mazda6 will lose its pancake look from the second generation.

A welcome change, so far. We'll wait until the entire car is officially revealed (possibly December's Tokyo Auto Show) for ultimate judgment.

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