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No benefit to using premium fuel in a car that takes regular

A man passes a gas pump showing the

A man passes a gas pump showing the price of regular gasoline at a San Diego gas station. A sharp jump in gas prices drove a measure of U.S. consumer costs up in February. But outside higher pump prices, inflation stayed mild. (Feb. 21, 2012) Credit: AP

Q: Can I damage my Toyota Yaris by using premium gas? I have a 2010 Toyota Yaris sedan. I just filled up my tank with super unleaded, but somebody told me it's not good to put super unleaded in a car rated for regular.

A: The only damage that resulted from putting premium gas in your Yaris was to your wallet, and hopefully you won't make that mistake again.

Pumping higher-octane premium gas into a car designed to run on regular does not provide a significant improvement in performance or fuel economy, but it won't damage your engine, either. It's like paying more for a name-brand product when the lower-priced generic equivalent is just as good.

On the flip side, using regular gas in a car designed to run on premium can result in a loss of economy and performance and perhaps engine "pinging" or knocking during acceleration.

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