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Saab not honoring warranties due to bankruptcy

Q. Why isn't Saab honoring its warranties?

A. Saab Automobiles, the Sweden-based parent of Saab Cars North America, has filed for bankruptcy liquidation, meaning the company is going out of business, not just reorganizing in bankruptcy court. The bottom line is that Saab has ceased operations as an automobile manufacturer and will be broken up and sold in pieces.

That also means dealers in the U.S. and Canada are no longer being reimbursed for warranty repairs, so they have stopped doing warranty work and instead are charging customers for parts and labor. This applies to 2010 and later models, when Saab was an independent company. Prior to that, Saab was owned by GM. GM sold Saab after going through its own bankruptcy.

GM will cover remaining warranties on 2009 and earlier Saabs sold to consumers during GM's ownership.

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