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Saab story

I wanted to say something about Saab, but it’s been days and I’ve… I’ve got nothin.’

My driver’s ed teacher swore by them. There was also a nutcase in my town who collected 'em. He had a whole yard of rotting 99s or  900s, 9000s, 99999s, x95s, 9390928s.

Saab’s greatest achievement was its appearance on the "Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch" album cover.

They pioneered the position of the ignition switch in the “between the front seats” area on the floor, which is now commonplace in all cars.

Some are Chevys underneath. Some are Subaru (9-2X). I always hated that. I look forward to telling some fancy pants that his new European sedan is just a crummy Malibu.

Gavin Green from Car Magazine said it best.

Me? I got nothin.’ Instead check out one of my favorite shows from back in the day.

So it was a kit car on a VW chassis. I thought it was cool. It sure sounded cool.

Stephen J. Cannell, come back to TV. We miss you.

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