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Study: Ford, Honda boast highest customer retention

Ford's 2013 Taurus includes more high-tech features and

Ford's 2013 Taurus includes more high-tech features and better fuel economy. Photo Credit: Handout

J.D. Power and Associates conducts studies into customer and sales satisfaction to provide insight into the reliability and service levels of various automakers. The table below measures customer retention rates among the major automakers. Key factors in determining retention rates include long-term durability, resale value and overall vehicle quality.

The Customer Retention Study measures repeat vehicle purchases within a brand. For example, 62 percent of Ford and Honda owners in the study purchased another model within the brand for their next new vehicle. The average retention rating in 2008 was 48 percent.

ManufacturerCustomer Retention Rating
Ford 62%
Honda 62%
Hyundai 60%
Lexus 60%
Toyota 60%
Mercedes-Benz 59%
Kia 58%
Subaru 57%
Nissan 54%
BMW 53%
Chevrolet 52%
Industry Average48%
Audi 46%
Lincoln 45%
Ram 45%
Cadillac 44%
Acura 43%
GMC 43%
Land Rover 41%
Volkswagen 41%
Porsche 39%
Mazda 37%
Infiniti 35%
Mini 35%
Jeep 34%
Volvo 32%
Suzuki 31%
Mercury 28%
Buick 27%
Mitsubishi 27%
Scion 25%
Chrysler 24%
Dodge 22%
Jaguar 16%
Saab 4%

The study is based on responses from 123,601 new-vehicle buyers and lessees, of which 81,350 replaced a vehicle that was originally purchased new.

Source: J.D. Power and Associates 2010 Customer Retention Study

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