On Monday, James Sikes, 61 years old, called 911 for help after his 2008 Prius raced to more than 90 miles per hour near San Diego and he couldn't slow it down.

"I pushed the gas pedal to pass a car and it did something kind of funny ... it jumped and it just stuck there," Mr. Sikes said at a news conference, according to the Associated Press. "I was trying the brakes ... it wasn't stopping, it wasn't doing anything and it just kept speeding up,'' Mr. Sikes said, adding he could smell the brakes burning.

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A California Highway Patrol officer caught up to the Prius and advised the driver to apply both the brakes and emergency brake. Eventually, Mr. Sikes was able to shut the engine off and stop the vehicle. The patrolman pulled his car in front of the Prius as a precaution. Mr. Sikes was unhurt.

This comes as the latest headache to Toyota who is facing billions of dollars worth of damages in lawsuits due to a string of brake and accelerator malfunctions across various Toyota models including the Prius and the Corolla.