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Toyota's recall: What car owners need to know

Should I keep driving my car if it's one of those affected by the stop-sale order?

Neither Toyota nor the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has advised owners to stop driving their cars - only to be alert for problems. The government advised removing driver-side floor mats, which can become entangled with the accelerator. Toyota says a throttle that sticks in the wide open position is rare.

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Are there any warning signs that my car might have a sticking accelerator problem?

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Yes. Toyota says the accelerator pedal might become harder to depress or slow to return to the idle position. In some cases, the driver might notice a rough feeling when depressing or releasing the pedal.


What do I do if the accelerator sticks open?

Toyota says to shift the car quickly into "neutral" and to step hard and hold steady on the brakes to stop the car.


How soon will the company have a fix?

If Toyota has an estimate, it has not shared it with federal regulators, dealers or the news media. Its "stop-sale" notice says it is "currently developing" a remedy.


How did this happen?

Toyota blames a part in the accelerator pedal assembly from a supplier, Indiana-based CTS Corp., which it says is prone to sticking when exposed to cold and moisture. CTS denies culpability in most of the reported cases.


Whom can I ask at Toyota?

Toyota's toll-free customer assistance number is 800-331-4331, but be patient.


Now that Toyota has admitted that the cars might be flawed, is my liability increased if my owned, leased or rented Toyota car malfunctions and causes damage or injury?

As an individual, probably not. But a rental car company might be vulnerable in some states. And Toyota would be vulnerable if sued by the people injured by your car, said Jay Mayesh, a partner in the law firm Kaye Scholer LLP's products liability litigation practice in Manhattan.

Tom Incantalupo with AP

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