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William F. Milliken Jr. was way cooler than you

That goes for me too.

I was just looking through the Newsday paper and saw an obit for a William F. Milliken Jr.

Read the full  Washington Post obit

He built an airplane as a teenager, did high-alttitude tests in a B-17 bomber and helped develop the B-29.

He wrote “Race Car Vehicle Dynamics,” a formula-one “bible.” I haven’t read it, but then again I’ve always hated dynamics. And reading.

He was a consulting engineer for GM, Rolls-Royce, Ford, Bridgestone and Goodyear.

He … I think you get it. He’s done a lot. I’ll add a couple more.

He has a corner at Watkins Glen named after him for flipping his Bugatti Type 35 at 100 mph in 1948, emerging from the wreck completely non-killed.

Most importantly, he is the architect of this famous stunt from “The Man with the Golden Gun”

Yes, that’s an AMC Hornet. Yes, that’s a slide whistle.


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