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Executive Suite: Richard Paris, Melville

Richard Paris, president of Marcum Search in Melville,

Richard Paris, president of Marcum Search in Melville, started his recruiting company just before the recession of 2008 crushed the job market. (March 11, 2013) Photo Credit: Ed Betz

Richard Paris, president of the headhunting firm Marcum Search Llc in Melville, says he's not surprised by the national unemployment rate of 7.7 percent, the lowest in four years.

"I don't know an area that's not hiring," he says. That's a big change from 2008, when Marcum Search launched, right before the crush of the recession.

With his accounting degree, Paris spent 14 years in human resources, hiring at least 1,000 people. After accounting scandals erupted at Enron and WorldCom, new government regulations created an "aggressive growth" period in public accounting jobs in 2006 and 2007, he says.

Paris, 42, who went on to found Marcum Search, a subsidiary of Marcum Llp, says he now has 10 offices nationwide, after acquiring the North American offices of Horton International in December.

What hiring are you seeing?

"Every area is hiring, but I could have told you probably six, 12 months ago that the economy was on track .?.?. Companies feel better. There's a confidence. There's an increase in revenue, an increase in job openings. In particular, there's a boom in technology. I've never seen anything like it."

What skills are in demand on Long Island?

"Tech: desktop and development positions on the managerial side. And accounting: on the auditing side and tax managers. Those are our biggest areas."

When going to a job-search site, what should people be aware of?

"Putting your resume and all your personal data out there into cyber world -- you lose ownership of it, because you're not putting any contractual obligations on that .?.?. What if you're a CFO and an unethical recruiter sends your resume to employers without your approval, and makes phone calls to your current employer? .?.?.

"Now the next thing you know, the CEO of your current company calls you in and says, 'You're looking for a new job?' [To avoid it], you can blind your resumé. You can say, 'If you're interested, call me.' When they call, check their credentials before sharing your personal data."

Any other potential pitfalls for job candidates?

"Be super-aware of how your online presence is represented: a professional picture, how you write a LinkedIn profile, what you are saying on Twitter, on Facebook .?.?. "All of this is searchable, and employers do. We'll go into Facebook and be like, 'Oh my God, I can't believe that guy has a picture of himself getting drunk with a bunch of friends and he's representing himself as a $500,000 CEO."

Why should someone use a recruiter?

"We have more contacts; we have more connections. We know the marketplace. People typically don't negotiate for themselves as well as somebody else who can negotiate for them."

Corporate snapshot

NAME: Richard Paris, president of Marcum Search Llc in Melville.

WHAT IT DOES: Executive talent search firm.

EMPLOYEES: 75 full time; 10 on Long Island.

ROLES THEY PLAY: Professional executive recruiters.

REVENUE: $10 million.

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