A Nassau County-based developer of video security systems used by retailers and others has received tax breaks from Suffolk County to move there.

Earlier this month, the Suffolk County Industrial Development Agency granted $184,260 over 10 years to ClickIt Inc. for a proposed $2.8-million headquarters in Hauppauge.

The 14-year-old company has been operating from 2,200 square feet of rented space at 185 Central Ave. in Bethpage. It plans to purchase 10,400 square feet at 85 Corporate Dr. in Hauppauge.

The business also has a small office in Indiana.

ClickIt president James Carey said IDA assistance was "an important factor in our decision to relocate to Suffolk County. They make the site an affordable alternative to our present location."

He added, "We hope to use the cost savings offered by [the IDA] to hire new employees, invest in new product development and grow our business."

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ClickIt has 23 employees in Bethpage and Indiana. Records show they earn, on average, $63,739 per year.

IDA executive director Anthony Manetta said Monday that ClickIt has pledged to hire 12 workers locally within the next two years in return for government help.

The company's property tax bills on its Hauppauge headquarters will be cut by $107,085 over 10 years. It also received a $60,375 sales-tax exemption on materials needed to equip the building and $16,800 off the mortgage recording tax.

Manetta said while ClickIt is best known for helping stores, banks and other businesses combat theft by customers or workers, its technology also can increase sales.

He said ClickIt enabled 7-Eleven convenience stores to figure out why fewer Slurpee frozen drinks were being sold: "ClickIt was able to determine that a certain display above the machine was intimidating customers."