The nation’s nonprime loan crisis got worse last spring, according to an updated report from the U.S. General Accountability Office, which investigates how the federal government spends tax dollars.

For example, from April to the end of June, lenders completed the foreclosure process on 147,000 nonprime loans, an increase of 9 percent from the previous three months.

The report covers nonprime loans that were made from 2000 to 2007 and are still active. Nonprime loans are either subprime, often given to borrowers with shaky credit, and Alt-A, often given to borrowers who may have credit records close to prime but carry a few risks, such as problems fully documenting income.

About 14.4 million nonprime loans were made during those years, and the GAO report features a state-by-state breakdown of the status of the loans, including for New York. It’s like a treasure trove of figures, from the number of loans that were delinquent to the number that were “prepaid” before the mortgage term was over, usually due to house sale or refinancing.

Here they are for New York state as of June 30, 2009:

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Total 384,847
Prepaid 228,070
Current 65,232
Foreclosed 30,752
In foreclosure 22,856
90-plus days late 19,475
Missed at least one payment 18,120
Unknown 342

Total 165,959
Prepaid 71,643
Current 65,464
In foreclosure 9,163
90-days late 7,745
Missed at least one payment 6,910
Foreclosed 4,963
Unknown 71

The statistics are also broken by congressional districts, and Long Island has five of them.

The 1st Congressional District, which covers parts of Smithtown, Brookhaven Town and all points east, also is home to some of Long Island’s hardest-hit areas, such as Shirley and Mastic Beach. Of the 18,203 active nonprime loans, 31 percent were at least 90 days late; 17 percent were in the foreclosure process; and 13 percent had missed at least one payment, GAO said.

For the 2nd Congressional District, which covers Islip and the high-foreclosure areas of Bay Shore and Brentwood, almost 37 percent of the 16,002 active, nonprime loans were at least 90 days late; 21 percent in the foreclosure process; and 15 percent had missed at least one payment, the report said.

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The 3rd Congressional District contains much of the South Shore, from Long Beach to East Islip, most of Oyster Bay and much of the Route 135 corridor. It had 12,120 active nonprime loans, with 28 percent 90-plus days late, 15 percent in the foreclosure process and 13 percent in default, according to the numbers.

The 4th Congressional District covers most of Hempstead Town, where the epicenter of the foreclosure crisis may well be Hempstead Village. Of the district’s 14,296 nonprime loans, 34 percent were 90-plus days late; 19 percent were in the foreclosure process; and 15 percent were in default, data shows.

The 5th Congressional District, which has the Gold Coast and northern Queens, had 6,853 nonprime loans, with 21 percent 90-plus days delinquent, 11 percent in the foreclosure process and 10 percent with at least one missing payment, the report said.