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A post-and-beam cabin in Manorville

Nestled on a 2.6-acre Manorville property is this

Nestled on a 2.6-acre Manorville property is this one-bedroom, two-bathroom red oak post-and-beam cabinlike home on the market for $399,000. There are also a barn and two sheds on the property, near the cabin. Credit: Little Bay Realty

Nestled on a 2.6-acre Manorville property is a one-bedroom, two-bath red oak post-and-beam cabin, on the market for $399,000. The property includes a barn and two sheds near the cabin.

“Post-and-beam framing is put together using no nails but pegs instead,” says homeowner Kathleen McConnell. “The carpenters had to cut the beams to fit each other. It really is a work of art ... and we used red oak wood, while most [post-and-beam-style homes] use pine or spruce.”

The inspiration for the home comes from New England. “This is the kind of house you would find if you took a weekend up in Massachusetts,” McConnell says. “We lived up in Maine and upstate New York — we liked the country feel. ... My husband had helped take an old barn apart and make it into a house in Setauket, and he eventually wanted a home like it.”

There are two full bathrooms, one on each level of the home. “We have lots of light from every angle of the house, with skylights in the back and front of the home,” McConnell says.

The home also has an eat-in-kitchen, a new heat pump, air-conditioning and a wood-burning stove. There is also a full basement with an outside entrance.

The McConnells built the cabin in 1985 and wanted a home that would last a long time. It did not suffer any damage from superstorm Sandy.

The homeowners added a barn to the property as well as two sheds. “I’m a spinner and weaver,” McConnell says. “We added a barn, and that is where I raised sheep and kept the hay.” The barn also was used to raise chickens a few years ago and has fairly new equipment to do so, should the new homeowner want it.

Also an organic gardener, McConnell has planted gardens on every side of the home. “There is a raspberry patch, a peach tree, gooseberries, vegetables, perennials and a lot of diverse bushes and trees, so it was not just pine on the property,” she says.

The home is listed by Thomas and Judy Sturniolo of Little Bay Realty.

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