Anyone looking to rent a last-minute summer home in the Hamptons may want to secure employment with Argyle Executive Forum.

The New York-based business-to-business marketing services company rented an East Hampton vacation home for its employees.

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"Argyle has a long track record of doing things differently," says Jason Redlus, founder and chair of the company. He rented the house for 12 months and is offering access to all 60 of his employees -- but not to more than three at a time so that it doesn't become a "party house," he says.

The 2,000-square-foot, three-bedroom, three-bathroom house on East Hampton's bay side has a pool, patio, grill and gym -- and is one block from the water.

But the price tag is the best part of all for employees: free for anyone who works for Argyle.

The company would not reveal how much it paid to lease the house, but the original asking price for the rental was $65,000 to $68,000, says Traci Godfrey, an actress who owns the house.

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Redlus says he chose the home because of its spacious, open layout, which offers room for off-site retreats for teams -- in addition to its ability to serve as a vacation retreat.

"Also, since we rented the house for 12 months, we have lots of our folks out there in the winter," Redlus says. "The big brick fireplace is a definite plus as well."

The company used a lottery system to choose vacation dates for the popular summer days, but every employee is guaranteed a trip to the house at least once.

"I personally have never done this, and I don't think it's very common," says Godfrey, who is also a licensed real estate agent with Keller Williams in Manhattan.