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Bridghampton builder to appear in Hamptons MTV show


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Right after his daughter said she wanted to have a 23rd birthday party, Bridgehampton builder Rick Shumway, seen here, recalls her saying, "Oh, by the way, MTV probably will be here."

"Next thing I knew, they're there."

And that's how Shumway got on MTV's doc "True Life: I'm Hustling in the Hamptons," which airs tonight at 10.

The scene is a nighttime party at Shumway's house in Southampton. One of daughter Meredith's guests is Jonny, who wants to make enough money for a trip to California to pursue a career in music.

Shumway, who owns Atlantic Collaborative Construction, is identified simply as "Rick." But he tells Jonny, "We build modern architecture" and offers to give his name to "some serious builders." Then Jonny asks Shumway for a card.

Jonny eventually does find a job in construction. Did Shumway pave the way?

No, says Shumway, adding that Jonny never even called.



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