Caumsett State Historic Park in Lloyd Neck will host a designer show house starting Labor Day weekend.

Some 21 designers, artisans and landscapers will be decorating the Winter Cottage and its grounds for the event, which opens Sept. 4.

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The country English-style house is where Marshall Field and his family lived as they awaited the completion of the main house on the property. Built in 1923, the cottage was designed by John Russell Pope, the architect behind the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C.

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The house has six bedrooms, one of which will be turned into an architect's study and another into a dressing room. Of the five bathrooms in the house, two contain tile that must be preserved. Cabinetry in the kitchen also will stay, as will the wood floors.

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"What's historic is being restored and what isn't is being replaced," says Huntington interior designer Claudia Dowling, who is producing the show.

The show house will be open to the public until Oct. 17. During the run, there will be art and fashion shows.