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Designing sizzle back into the bedroom

A romantic bedroom features varied lighting and small

A romantic bedroom features varied lighting and small touches such as a chandelier, cozy chairs for snuggling, and a good bed. Photo Credit:

With a romantic master bedroom, hearts and flowers can be an everyday affair. Too often, though, the master bedroom is a romantic dud. And no wonder. With laptops, exercise equipment and children's toys strewn around, it's easy to see why so many spaces lack sizzle. What does it take to make a masterfully romantic bedroom? It's all in the presentation.


It's important that the master bedroom be designed around the couple and their togetherness. The whole house belongs to the whole family, but a romantic bedroom should be off limits to anything other than romance and rest. While red might be a man's favorite color, skin tones take the lead in color choices for setting a loving mood. Opt for choices in medium shades of rose, pink, taupe, creamy browns and beiges. These colors are not only visually appealing, but they also make skin glow in candlelight. Once color sets the background mood, take a look at the focal point of the room: the bed.


Select a bed that's substantial and looks like it belongs in a romantic bed-and-breakfast. It's the one piece of furniture that truly creates a couple's love nest. A canopy bed is uber-romantic and the kind most women love. Make sure, though, that the headboard is sizable and comfortable enough to sit up against for quiet moments of talk or reading the paper. Invest in a quality mattress that will help you sleep deeply. And remember: A third of your day is spent there. Take time to select comfortable linens and layer the bed with warm, lightweight down comforters and a sensual faux fur throw. Add some large plush pillows for late-night pillow talk, plus an accent pillow or two.


Place matching nightstands and lamps on both sides of the bed. This is visually relaxing, and it makes a statement about togetherness. Set the mood by putting dimmer switches on bedside lamps. Replace the ceiling fan with a chandelier, and don't forget the dimmer switch. Then add mood lighting with candle sconces on the wall. If there's space and room in the budget, add seating. But rather than simply placing two chairs together, add a cozy upholstered chair-and-a-half for snuggling and watching TV together. Cuddling up is much more romantic than sitting apart.

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