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Holiday House Hamptons is an $18M mansion in Water Mill

The 2016 Holiday House Hamptons features 21 spaces in a sprawling, two-story, modern 13,000-square-foot home, which has views of Mecox Bay, a tennis court on the roof and wine shelves with room for 670 bottles. The show house, presented by HC&G, Hamptons Cottages & Gardens magazine, was founded by interior designer Iris Dankner, 59, who is a breast cancer survivor now living in Manhattan and Southampton and who grew up in Woodmere. The show house is dubbed Holiday House because the designers are asked to loosely create their rooms with holiday and vacation themes. Here are rooms visitors will see at the $18 million estate, which is open to the public through July 26 for an entry fee of $35.

All about the house

Exterior of the Hamptons Holiday Showhouse at 100
Photo Credit: Gordon M. Grant

The asking price for the home, located at 100 Crescent Ave. in Water Mill, is $17.9 million. The 13,000-square-foot home is on 2.1 acres. It has seven bedrooms and 8.5 bathrooms.

HB Home

Living room designed by HB Home, at the
Photo Credit: Gordon M. Grant

HB Home calls this living room “A Party in Pantalleria.” “The living room is designed to have a natural sense of wow,” say the designers. “Our upholstery is classic in inspiration scaled for the big space. The sisal rug is hand-painted by a renowned artist, to create the sense of beach-raked sand.”

West Chin Architects & Interior Designers

Kitchen area designed by West Chin at the
Photo Credit: Gordon M. Grant

West Chin Architects & Interior Designers describes the kitchen as a “Midnight Romance." “Our design intention was to create a feeling of romance through the implementation of dark romantic colors and delicate accents that inspire a feeling of grace and elegance," say the designers. "With the addition of organic living features throughout the space, we are cultivating a feeling of life.”

Timothy Brown Studio

Second floor gallery, designed by Timothy Brown Studio,
Photo Credit: Gordon M. Grant

The designers at Timothy Brown Studios chose Father's Day as the theme of their gallery and deck. “My design is inspired by my theme in the sense of a family gathering," they say. "It’s the Hamptons, it’s the summer, let’s celebrate our dad. Getting together, putting down our phones to sit and have a conversation. Whether that’s face to face on chairs and a sofa or on the porch over a quick ping pong match.”

Kara Mann Design

Dining room designed by Kara Mann at the
Photo Credit: Gordon M. Grant

Manhattan-based Kara Mann Design created a dining room that juxtaposes a refined ikat China collection from Hermes with an organic rope mirror from Christian Astuguevieille and natural caned chairs from the designer’s new collection with Baker Furniture.

Anne Tarasoff Interiors

Pantry designed by Anne Tarasoff, at the Hamptons
Photo Credit: Gordon M. Grant

The theme of Anne Tarasoff's butler’s pantry and powder room is “Summer Fling, with navy and white with accents of red. The room includes a long antique pine console table with books, plates and favorite accessories.

Chad James Group

Study designed by Chad James Group at the
Photo Credit: Gordon M. Grant

The Chad James Group chose May Day as the theme of its room. "I embraced the formality of the dark-paneled study and brightened it with soft spring colors so that it would be welcoming to both men and women," says James.

Maddux Creative of London

Sculptures under the main stairway designed by Maddux
Photo Credit: Gordon M. Grant

The area is an homage to married British artists Ben Nicholson and Barbara Hepworth, says Scott Maddux. “We kind of mixed their story here,” he says. Nicholson was a painter, and so Maddux had a geometric mural painted on the wall. “Getting a mural in the right space can have a huge impact. It’s something we do in almost every project,” he says. Hepworth was a sculptor, and so he added works by artist Dan Schneiger of Miami on pedestals. “You can take something relatively small and give it importance by putting it on a pedestal,” he says. Incidentally, also near the entryway is a steel sculpture by Carroll Dunham, father of Lena Dunham, creator of the TV series “Girls,” chosen by Fred Dorfman of Fred Dorfman+ of Sag Harbor. “When I saw this space I thought, what would be perfect for this space would be something you could see through,” he says.

Elizabeth Dow

Master Suite, designed by Elizabeth Dow Home, at
Photo Credit: Gordon M. Grant

“You, Me & the Sea” is the theme of designer Elizabeth Dow's master suite. “My design was inspired by travel, water and the simple beauty of the island landscape," she says. "I am trying to create an environment that takes you to a place of discovery, of renewal and a place of peace that only can be found in the proximity of the sea. A very important element in my design concept is the choice of artwork. Dalton Portella’s work 'Mired' is the quintessential expression of the magic of the sea and how it can transport and renew you.”

Wesley Moon Inc.

Bedroom #1, designed by Wesley Moon, at the
Photo Credit: Gordon M. Grant

"Palm Sunday” is the theme of Wesley Moon's bedroom. “This room will be serving beach chic with a casual elegance that takes cues from more formal and traditional ideas but gives them a contemporary twist and accessible vibe," says the firm.

Sasha Bikoff Design

Bedroom #2, designed by Sasha Bikoff, at the
Photo Credit: Gordon M. Grant

"A Majestic Midnight Swim” is the theme of Sasha Bikoff's bedroom. “I was inspired by this idea of a magical swim under a starry night when I saw the midnight blue de gournay gold leaf fish wallpaper," says Bikoff. "It seemed appropriate for the Hamptons, as it evokes the true essence of summer nights, which are so mysteriously magical.”

Jolie Korek & Co.

Bedroom #3, designed by Julie Korbek at the
Photo Credit: Gordon M. Grant

A centerpiece of Jolie Korek's bedroom is the cutting-edge glass and pewter Ochre Chandelier hanging over the bed. “I love how it’s dripping down and abstract and floating,” says Korek. “It has a modern feel to it.” The room’s also got great perks: A wine station doles out 2-, 3- or 4-ounce glasses of four different choices of wine a la fast-food soda fountain. And a mirror/TV from Intech of Water Mill airs Netflix, scrolls family photos or plays music videos when turned on, and is a mirror when the screen is turned off.

Melanie Roy Design

Bedroom #4, designed by Melanie Roy, at the
Photo Credit: Gordon M. Grant

Earth Day is the theme of Melanie Roy Design's bedroom and deck. “The sofa appears to float on its acrylic base, almost cloud-like," she says. "The quartz bedside lamps introduce more earth elements to the room. The art is vibrant and colorful, reflective of youthful summer energy.”

Carmiña Roth Interiors

Bedroom #5, designed by Carmina Roth, at the
Photo Credit: Gordon M. Grant

When Carmiña Roth got the invitation to design a room for the 2016 Holiday House Hamptons show house in Water Mill, she was on spring break with her husband and two children in St. Barts. So she took inspiration from that exclusive Caribbean island when she went to work on a guest bedroom. “In St. Barts, when you land, you have to land in a really small aircraft on a very short runway that dead-ends at St. Jean Beach,” Roth says. She mimicked that journey in the bedroom she designed: On the far wall is a photograph of a propeller-style plane. Free-floating near that wall is the bed, on a plank platform that looks like parchment with burned edges, meant to symbolize the runway. And on the opposite wall is a beach scene. “The photograph is of Sagaponack Beach in the Hamptons,” Roth says. The room also holds a surfboard covered with colorful beads forming the shape of a butterfly’s wing and the saying, “Once you become fearless, you become limitless.” “My goal was to make it like a chic hotel suite,” says Roth, whose company, Carmiña Roth Interiors, is based in Greenwich, Conn.

Mabley Handler Interior Design

Game room designed by Mobley Handler Interior Design
Photo Credit: Gordon M. Grant

“The inspiration for the room was the wallpaper,” says Austin Handler of the wavy lines of different shades of blue. “It’s a Phillip Jeffries wallpaper we saw and were dying to use it in a project. Some people see water and waves. Some people see stone and mineral. Some people see mountains in the distance. No matter how you look at it, the effect is soothing.” The furniture in the room is neutral, but the sea-glass chandeliers, pillows, stone planters and painted lacquer backgammon and chess tables lend a sophisticated, beachy color and mood, Handler says. “If you have a gameroom on a lower level, you can put in a pinball machine and a pool table,” Handler says. But not when the gameroom is on the main level, he says. “It’s got an amazing view of the patio and Mecox Bay. This is not a place where kids are going to be squirreled away to pass a rainy day.”

V Starr by Venus Williams

Roof top tennis court deck designed by V
Photo Credit: Gordon M. Grant

Tennis superstar Venus Williams’ interior design company provided the furniture for the seating area next to the house’s rooftop tennis court. The vibrant colors are a nod to this summer’s Olympics in Brazil, known for its lively culture. Williams will be at the show house for a private party sometime over the summer, says show house founder Iris Dankner.

Barbara Ostrom

Garage designed by Barbara Ostrom at the Hamptons
Photo Credit: Gordon M. Grant

The garage was designed by Barbara Ostrom and it's the big splash of color in the house. Ostrom commissioned tire graffiti on the garage floor, created by dipping tires into varied color paint and rolling them across the surface. Graffiti also adorns the walls, where neon-colored painted bicycles hang. Painted gas cans become art. Chrome fans whir on the ceiling. A bar area is decorated with beer bottle caps, while tools hang above it on a pegboard. A card table shows a game in mid-hand, with cigars and gambling chips on the table. A seating area offers views of a flat-screen TV with a fireplace underneath; the two neon orange chairs that flank the TV are made from seat belts. And, of course, there’s a Porsche parked in the garage as well.

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