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How LIers can prevent, or prep for, a power outage during hurricane season

Frank Navetta, owner and president of PowerPro Generators

Frank Navetta, owner and president of PowerPro Generators in Bohemia, talks about protecting yourself from a power outage, which can have a severe effect on homes. Credit: Newsday / Thomas A. Ferrara

When Isaias hit Long Island last summer, Erik Putz and Bonnie Burton weren’t aware that their neighbors had lost power: They were an island of light in a sea of darkness.

"We didn’t even know it went down," Putz said. "Then we realized the street is dark."

The Smithtown residents had gone solar in February 2020 and got a solar-powered battery backup system two months later.

Jen McNulty, of Seaford, had also just installed solar backup and watched others’ lights go out while hers were on. "They finished the job on Thursday," McNulty said of EmPower Solar, which installed the systems in both homes. "The following Tuesday, the storm hit."

As we brace for another hurricane season, which starts June 1 and continues through the end of November, there are things residents can do to prevent power outages, or prepare for them.

"If you have electricity, you can do just about anything regardless of whatever else is going on," said Frank Navetta, owner and president of Bohemia-based PowerPro Generators.

How an outage can affect a home

Click on a room to learn more.

1 1 No water

If you depend on a well, the pump won’t work.

2 2 No refrigeration

This can quickly lead to your food spoiling.

3 3 No sump pump

This can lead to flooding in your basement.

4 4 No lights

You could be left in the dark if you don't have flashlights handy.

5 5 Loss of electric clocks and timers

Make sure to reset them after power returns.

6 6 Computer crashes

This can result in lost data.

7 7 Damage to TV and other appliances

The electrical surge that occurs when the power comes back on can cause harm.

8 8 Loss of cordless landline phone

Make sure your cellphone is charged.

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BACKUP Look into solar, natural gas or propane

DEVICES Surge protectors, UPS and chargers

TREES Trim back to reduce risk

SURVIVAL KIT What to have on hand

FOOD, MEDICINE A plan if you lose power

RESOURCES How to report and track an outage

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