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Montauk property for sale has ties to ‘Stranger Things’

A commercial property that includes Martell's at Montauk,

A commercial property that includes Martell's at Montauk, Montauk Fuels, a gas station with a three-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment, and a vacant lot are on sale for $6.9 million. Credit: The Corcoran Group / VHT Studios

A commercial property in Montauk on the market for $6.9 million has ties to the hit Netflix show “Stranger Things.”

The sale includes Martell’s at Montauk, a year-round stationery store on a 0.09-acre lot; Montauk Fuels, a gas station with a three-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment on a .24-acre lot; and a vacant .09-acre lot that stretches from the street to the rear of the properties.

“It’s very difficult to find even one lot on Main Street that is available,” says longtime owner Jim Martell. “It’s pretty well-spoken for. So to have three lots on Main Street, it gives the potential buyer more latitude in developing the property or leasing it for what it is for the time being.”

The property, which is being represented by Lois and Peter Moore of The Corcoran Group, is zoned for commercial use. In the summer, Martell says the store is geared toward tourism. In the off season, it offers a wide variety of goods.

The store has ties to Camp Hero, the Air Force station that partially inspired the hit sci-fi show “Stranger Things.”

Martell says his father opened the store in 1928 at its original location near the Montauk Lighthouse, 5 miles east of its current location. It was next to the Wyandanee Inn, which housed the military personnel who were manning Camp Hero. Martell says that members of the military would often make purchases at Martell’s, a convenience store at the time.

Conspiracy theorists believe that Camp Hero, which was commissioned in the 1940s, was used to conduct government experiments involving abductees, mind control and teleportation. Hence the basis for the thriller “Stranger Things,” the first season of which centered around a child’s disappearance amid government experiments and supernatural occurrences. The show, which is set in the Midwest, was originally titled “Montauk.”

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