Missing your grandparent’s kitchen? You can watch early episodes of "Mad Men," or hit up a local museum.

But all one lucky buyer needs to do is walk a few feet into this kitchen, purchased in February.

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After Nathan Chandler posted a Flickr album of a pristine 1956-era kitchen he wanted to sell in Chicago, architectural mavens and history buffs were agog, drooling over this museum-quality room that perfectly captures the essence of the 1950s.

Commenters on the Flickr album expressed their amazement and how much they hope the kitchen goes to a good owner. “Absolutely beautiful! And how can it be so CLEAN?!? This really should be kept as it is, like a little vintage kitchen museum,” wrote user St.Stello.   

According to Chandler, the unused vintage appliances were original to the house, which was never occupied: “The manuals were still taped to the appliances.”

With Pepto-Bismal pink countertops, walls surrounded by silver furnishings and blond wood cabinets, the kitchen is chock full of GE appliances, all in mint condition. Everything -- from the knobs to the booklets to the fixtures -- looks untouched.

Among the appliances sold was a side-by-side wall refrigerator, wall oven and dishwasher.

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The new owner doesn’t need to worry about what products to use in the dishwasher, either, as a couple of packets of era-appropriate dishwashing powder were included, too.

Chandler purchased the home in late 2009 from the original owner, who built the house but never lived in it.