It's not easy being young and living in a high-cost area like Long Island, especially when being independent means getting out from under the parental eye.

Tomorrow in Farmingdale, people can connect with landlords, apartment complexes and real estate agents with affordable rentals and homes.

The event, "Need a Place to Live?", has been organized by the nonprofit Action Long Island as part of its agenda to make the Island more hospitable to the young.

Lenae McKee, the group's development director, said the event has helped her nonprofit get more young adults to sign on as volunteers for causes that would improve their lives on the Island.

From what she hears, it seems many of them once lived on the Island and are trying to "bounce back."

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"They moved out of their parents' basements and moved to the boroughs and are trying to move back here, probably because of jobs, and they're having a hard time finding an affordable place," McKee said.

The event is 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Farmingdale State College at Roosevelt Hall. Click here for details.