We all know and love at least one piece of Fiesta dinnerware, and The Homer Laughlin China Company, manufacturer of the simple, sleek and vibrant-colored dishware, wants to hear about it. Submit your Fiesta-related, 200-word story  -- a special memory you may have associated with a particular piece or a funny story involving, say perhaps that peacock blue platter that made an appearance at every Thanksgiving dinner. Some 25 winners with the best story will win two place settings of the not-yet-released 2010 color (which won’t be announced until March). Further information is available here.

The Fiesta line was launched in 1936 with a selection of five colors. After a wildly successful run, interest started waning and the line was retired in 1972, but remained popular among collectors. At the urging of Bloomingdale’s, the line was reintroduced in 1986. In the 70 years since it was was first produced, there have been 38 colors produced.

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“Fiesta pieces are traditionally passed down through generations," says Danielle Elderkin, Fiesta Dinnerware spokeswoman. "There are so many stories out there that we hear about from customers who either write to us unsolicited or approach us at trade shows that we thought we should formally invite our customers to send them in.”

The contest deadline is March 20.


Photo by Todd Buchanan