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Staging seminar in Huntington

Linda Leyble, owner and founder of Beautiful Staged Homes, will be hosting a seminar Thursday instructing people how to ready their homes to show and potentially sell faster on the market. The event will be small, no more than 30 people, allowing event-goers to receive personal attention. Admission is $45.

“We are encouraging people to bring pictures of their most problematic room,” Leyble said. “We will give an on-the-spot assessment of how the home could look better.”

Leyble provided a few tips that will be covered:

- Reduce clutter around the home prior to a showing. Also remove all items belonging to household pets.

- “We tell people to depersonalize their homes,” Leyble said. Take the numerous family photo’s off of the bureau and coffee table. This allows potential buyers to mentally move into the home.

- Find unique spaces in your home that you originally overlooked. “You want to beef up any particular focal point, a mantle or a beautiful view, sometimes people just live in the home, and they don’t see it,” Leyble said. “I will look for a little spot where you can have a cup of tea with a friend, a niche, making those things be very special so that people will remember the home.”

- The really important thing about listing a home is curb appeal, Leyble said. “We are going to teach people how to make their homes look a little nicer in the winter,” she said, suggesting people bring in some colorful items to the front of the house, like a wreathe with a bow. “Then, of course, if you have a fireplace, put it on and make it warm and inviting,” she said.

The seminar will be held from 6 to 9 p.m. at Claudia Dowlings Interiors, 325 Main St. in Huntington. For information, contact Leyble at 631-793-1315 or

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