Timerie Gatto’s three-bedroom, 1-1/2-bath house in Smithtown has been on the market since September. There have been several price adjustments. The asking price started at $469,990, and now it is $438,000. The 36-year-old orchestra teacher says she has received some low offers. She wants to know if the photos she’s using to sell the house could be improved.

From Lynne Kleinman and Ellen Blank, co-owners of Accent Home Staging and Organizing in Great Neck

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Pictures of a whole room, rather than just a bed, is what will provide the most impact, they say, suggesting that professional photos be taken. “A wide-angle lens will give the viewer a better visual of the actual size and layout of the room,” says Blank, referring to the photo above, which was featured on Gatto's online real estate listing.

The front of the house (seen here) also needs some curb appeal, they say. “Make sure your house is welcoming from the street,” says Blank, suggesting potted flowers and the proper shrubs as well as painted shutters and doors.

Good news for Gatto. Between writing in for help and getting an answer to her question, she went into contract. While she agrees with much of the advice, she says the exterior photo was taken in March, a season unfriendly to blooming plants.


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Photos by Timerie Gatto