SPRING VALLEY - A 17-year-old is in jail today on accusations he stole a donation jar collecting funds to pay for the funeral of a 20-month-old boy.

Storekeepers originally believed the person responsible for the theft was seen in surveillance video shown on News 12 Tuesday, but police say that wasn't the case.

Authorities arrested Daeshawn Outerbridge, of Spring Valley, yesterday. Outerbridge was identified by a witness who claims to have seen him take the jar with about $300 from Guzman's Deli on Monday.

The jar had been set up to collect money to help pay for the funeral of Dominic Mero. The toddler died Friday after he was hit by a car outside a Spring Valley apartment complex.

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Outerbridge was arraigned as a youthful offender this morning at Ramapo Town Court.

The crime inspired a new wave of support for the toddler's family at Guzman's Deli.  News 12 cameras were rolling as representatives from Spring Valley Village Hall dropped off a donation of $231 collected at their offices. Support from neighbors continues to come in as well.