THE BRONX - A Gap advertisement at the No. 6 train Buhre Avenue station is receiving viral attention after being defaced with racist graffiti.

The ad features Indian Sikh-American actor and fashion designer Waris Ahluwahlia with illustrator and filmmaker Quentin Jones. According to published reports, "make love" was crossed out on the poster to say "make bombs," and "stop driving taxis" was written underneath that.

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A picture of the vandalism was taken by photographer Robert Gerhardt and posted to Twitter by activist and writer Arsalan Iftikhar. The post went viral and Gap is responding by making sure even more people see their intended message.

The company is featuring the original ad on its Twitter account, which reaches more than 315,000 followers.

"Gap is a brand that celebrates inclusion and diversity,” the company said in a statement. “Our customers and employees are of many different ethnicities, faiths and lifestyles, and we support them all."

The defaced posted has been replaced by a clean one.