Denim Gone Wild is a company that sells customized shorts. Never heard of this company? We started it. It all began when we needed jobs because our parents told us to make our own money. We talked about how we could make some money and still have fun -- then we found the perfect way to do it. We thought that customizing shorts was the best idea because we both love fashion. Instead of buying shorts for $60 to $100, we could make them ourselves!

Starting with denim finds from the thrift store, we got down to business. We bought all of our supplies from Jo-Ann's Fabric and Craft store with our own money. We started making a few pairs and we loved doing it. You can place an order on our Instagram. This job is one of the most fun things we have ever done. But it's hard.

Just remember, do what you love and love what you do. It takes us a day or two to customize each pair of shorts, and so far we have sold 14 pairs.

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Our shorts are studded, dyed, distressed, and hand sewn with different types of fabrics. Some available fabrics are galaxy print, cheetah print, Marvel comics, American flag, Hawaiian flowers, lace and more. We sew the fabric onto the back pockets or the front. We take custom orders for fabrics of your choice. Our best seller is our cotton candy shorts. These are dyed pink, blue and purple to look like cotton candy. We also have a variety of studs.

We try to keep our prices reasonable. Each pair of our shorts gets a lot of hard work put into it. Therefore, each pair ranges from $35 to $50. Check us out on Instagram (@denimgonewild).