PORT JEFFERSON - A high school senior's dream college isn't always affordable without borrowing. However, repaying student loans can often take years and in Joey Capri's case, throw you into overwhelming debt.

Capri, of Port Jefferson, says his dream to become a commercial pilot came crashing down after he took out around $100,000 in loans for tuition but then graduated into a recession without any job prospects. Unemployed and overwhelmed, Capri says he began defaulting on his loans, destroying his credit and his parents' credit in the process.

Capri has since found a job that pays $30,000 a year but even still, he says he can barely keep up with the interest. All in all Capri's student loans have ballooned to more than $140,000 in just a few years, even though he's been making payments.

To further the problem, bankruptcy laws favor the lenders which causes those who can't afford to pay up to fall deeper into debt.

If you'd like more information on student loans and new ways to repay them, check out Amy Lauren's blog.

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