ENGLEWOOD - City leaders in Englewood want to install a network of surveillance cameras in an effort to cut crime and increase security in the Bergen County town.

Under a plan proposed by Police Chief Arthur O'Keefe, Englewood would install 40 surveillance cameras in the downtown business district. They would be installed on existing utility poles, and the video would be monitored at police headquarters.

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Jewelry store owner Judy Rosenthal says security is always on her mind, especially once the sun goes down, and is applauding the city's idea to install the cameras. "We take the highest value in at night," she says. "And then you cross your fingers."

Rosenthal says the knowledge that the cameras are there might be enough to deter potential criminals.

"We want to capture as people move from camera to camera, location to location," O'Keefe says. "We could actually track people and get significant information from those cameras."

Some Englewood residents are concerned about privacy, knowing Big Brother could be watching. "It is basically an invasion of privacy," says David Schneider. "I can understand at traffic lights for cameras to catch people running red lights. That's a good thing. But to have cameras everywhere? I don't know how good it is."

The city council is expected to vote on the issue in the coming weeks.