Things we want to see Chad Ochocinco, the outspoken and awesome wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals who gets fined every week for his end-zone celebrations, do during his time on "Dancing With the Stars," in order:

1) Dance well.

That will keep him around longer, and give us more opportunity to enjoy his amusing antics.

2) Yell at Len Goodman.

Can't wait to see how the outspoken Ochocinco reacts to the grumpy old Englishman's comments.

3) Talk back to Bruno Tonioli

Can't wait to see how the outspoken Ochocinco reacts to the even more outspoken and flamboyant Italian's comments and gestures.

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4) Post-dance interviews

Ocho is going to dazzle us with his wit and charm.

5) The Paso Doble

Ocho as a bull fighter? Poor bull.

6) Ochocinco News Network on location

Let's hope he brings some of his "reporters" with him for some investigative fun.

7) Challenge Evan Lysacek to a skate-off

If anyone could dethrone the Olympic gold medalist, it's the Ocho.

8) Wear a "So You Think You Can Dance?" T-shirt . . .

. . . and then rip off his DWTS costume to show it.

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9) Play in the house band

You never know. Ocho may land a a perfect 30 in the rumba, then just show up in the band playing keyboard for the next couple.

10) Take over as host

Tom Bergeron is amusing, but with the Ocho in charge, who knows what could happen?


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Season 10 of "DWTS" starts on March 22. Whatever happens on the show, if you want to laugh, follow the Ocho at In the meantime, meet the new season's cast of "Dancing With the Stars."