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A short film about Brian Eno


"The Visual Art of Brian Eno: Light and Time" is essentially a six-minute commercial for Eno's ongoing exhibit, "77 Million Paintings," currently on display at Manhattan's Cafe Rouge. It's part of a touring multimedia festival called the Red Bull Music Academy, which in turn is a massive branding scheme for the famous energy drink. (Do people still mix it with vodka, by the way?)

Nevertheless, "Light and Time" is a very nicely done mini-documentary on the latest project by Eno, a restless musician and artist who almost qualifies as a kind of lay scientist. Here he details his thoughts on music, light, discord, harmony and time, all of which fold into "77 Million Paintings," a slow-moving, ever-changing visual display.

As a bonus, there's a brief but arresting shot of a fey teenage Eno that reminds you of how much he and David Bowie clearly stole from each other.

"77 Million Paintings" can be seen at Café Rouge, 145 W. 32nd St. in Manhattan through June 2.

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