I already did a blog post on actresses who do the same role for an entire career. I promised to do the same for actors. Off the top of my head the worst offender, even worse than Jennifer Lopez and Kate Hudson, is Michael Cera.

Not only is he a horrible actor who plays the same role, but it seems like he even wears the same clothes. I swear he wears a vintage hoodie in every movie. "Juno" and "Superbad" were good movies, but that's not because Cera was in them. Anyone else could have replaced him in those movies and no one would have seen a big difference.

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Some may say, "if he didn't make the movie worse, then why all the hate on Cera?" It's a good point but here is what I would say. He is a main character in "Superbad," yet he does nothing that grabs your attention. He doesn't leave me wanting to see him on the screen again. If you're a main character in a movie you have to bring something to the table, and he never does that. He's monotone, boring, and brings no emotion to what's he's doing.

"Youth in Revolt" and "Year One" were atrocious in Cera's attempts to try and break out of his usual roles.

One comment left on my last post said Will Ferrell repeats his roles. I can't argue with that, but I think it's his humor that repeats over and over again no matter what role he plays. The one thing Ferrell does differently than Cera, JLo, and Hudson is he plays very different characters with the same crude humor and stupid jokes.

Ben Stiller is another actor that came to my mind. Unlike Ferrell, Stiller plays the same character with the same humor in every role. Stiller's best movies were "Meet the Parents" and "Meet the Fockers," but that's purely because of Robert De Niro and Dustin Hoffman's greatness.