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Actresses who do the same roles for an entire career

Jennifer Lopez arrives at the Us Weekly Hot

Jennifer Lopez arrives at the Us Weekly Hot Hollywood Style Celebration. (April 22, 2010) Photo Credit: AP

If there is one thing I hate when watching movies it’s watching the same actor or actress playing the same role over and over again. Two that come to mind right away are Jennifer Lopez and Kate Hudson.

Jennifer Lopez has come a long way from playing a Fly Girl on “In Living Color.” She has built an empire for herself and has become a brand in entertainment. Is she a good actress? I think she WAS a good actress. “Money Train,” “Jack,” and “Selena” were her first big movies. She played a tough cop in “Money Train” that showed she could hang with the boys. In “Jack,” she had a small yet poignant role as a teacher for Robin Williams’ character who has an aging disorder. As for “Selena,” it was simply her best work and a terrific movie that seemed like it was made for her. Let’s just skip over “Anaconda” in 1997. It was a bad movie that was only worth watching because of Jon Voight’s awesomeness.

Those three movies came out in a two-year span, 1995-1997. Ever since then, JLo has basically played the same damsel in distress character who is looking for that perfect man that drops in at a time when she cannot have him. She can’t have him because he is the groom and she is the wedding planner. Or the mother of the man she wants to marry is a complete lunatic. Or the man mistakes her for a rich girl when she is just a maid. Or . . .  Let’s end it there. I think you got the point.

Maybe it’s not that bad she plays the same character over and over again because when she tries to step out of her comfort zone, we get a movie like “Gigli.” The only good thing that came out of that horror show is how it ended Ben Affleck’s career.

As for Kate Hudson, she showed promising signs early in her Hollywood career that she could be a wonderful actress. Look no further than her work in “Almost Famous” in 2000. Hudson was even nominated for an Oscar for her role. After that her career followed a similar path as JLo. I do give Hudson credit for stepping out of her comfort zone for “Nine,” even if it was a dud at the box office.

Those are just two actresses off the top of my head. I'll be back with some actors who are the male versions of JLo and Hudson.

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