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Alec Baldwin 'can’t live in New York anymore,' says 'goodbye to public life' in magazine essay

Alec Baldwin leaves criminal court in Manhattan after

Alec Baldwin leaves criminal court in Manhattan after testifying that he never had a sexual or romantic relationship with Canadian actress Genevieve Sabourin, who is accused of stalking him on Nov. 12, 2013. Credit: AP

Now that his TV show has been axed, Alec Baldwin has taken (somewhat ironically) to the media to air his grievances: With MSNBC, with show business, with the paparazzi and with New York.

In a New York magazine article appearing in Monday's issue (and on, Baldwin says "goodbye to public life" and concedes he will "probably have to move out of New York." He rehashes incidents that are now months old, explaining how he essentially had Shia LaBeouf fired from "Orphans" on Broadway last year, and insisting, for what feels like the 57 millionth time, that he did not call a photographer a gay slur during a November altercation in his NYC neighborhood.

The Massapequa native does a lot of explaining in the roughly 1,500-word article, but one big question remains: Does anyone really care?

The timing doesn't exactly seem opportune, as the best-known Baldwin doesn't have an imminent project to promote. It's just random. Has he been stewing over his MSNBC firing all these months, debating internally whether to make such a public statement? Or maybe he's just been trying to find the right media platform on which to do it?

Who knows, but either way, the story is worth skimming, if not reading start-to-finish. (There are some choice paparazzi photos embedded in the online version, so maybe scan through just for those.) Baldwin says pretty much what one would expect him to say, if you know the guy at all, dropping expletives left and right, because of course he does. No big surprises here -- except that he will definitely/maybe/possibly become an L.A. guy after all this time.

One thing's for sure: There will be plenty of New Yorkers bidding him "good riddance."


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