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Alexa Ray Joel has new rocker boyfriend

Alexa Ray Joel, who blamed her breakup with rocker boyfriend Jimmy Riot for her "suicide" scare with a non-lethal homeopathic medicine in December, has found a new rocker boyfriend: Rockville Centre born-and-raised Cass Dillon, 24.

"It's true," Joel's publicist, Claire Mercuri, confirmed to Newsday after People magazine first reported the relationship. The two met at work - Dillon plays on Joel's upcoming, as-yet-untitled album, due out in the fall. "Notice Me," its first single, is available for download at

Dillon's manager, Stefano DiBenedetto, says the singer-guitarist-drummer is also working on his own record as part of the duo Caraco & Dillon, teamed with Miley Cyrus guitarist Jaco Caraco. In 2007, Dillon performed the benefit song "Christmas in Fallujah," written by Alexa's dad, Billy Joel, to help raise money for the nonprofit group Homes for Our Troops.

Joel, 24, had been in a four-year relationship with the 15-years-older Riot, real name James Elliott, a bassist who had also played in her band, and had produced her 2006 six-song EP, "Sketches." The two had been broken up for nearly a year when, as she told "20/20" last week, the thought of spending the holidays without him made her act out.

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