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Amanda Bynes' new selfie video is a must-see

A screenshot from Amanda Bynes' selfie video posted

A screenshot from Amanda Bynes' selfie video posted to Twitter on April 15, 2013. Credit: Amanda Bynes via Twitter

Amanda Bynes, the queen of the Twitter "selfie," has adopted a new medium to share her, um, lifestyle with the world: video.

The former child star, 27, posted a video on the social networking site Monday, writing, "I'm sucking on a Sour Patch Kid listening to music getting ready for tonight: D"

She forgot to include, "while making bizarre faces at myself in the mirror."

Bynes has become very active on Twitter lately, with her feed consisting mostly of threats to sue media outlets that write about her (namely, Perez Hilton, on whom she basically waged Twitter war), messages to rapper Drake, and "twerking out" statuses, along with her infamous self-taken photos.

But the video, below, is the most amusing thing I've seen from her yet.

Mobile/tablet users watch here:

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