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WWE's greatest entrance themes square off on DVD

Professional wrestler Curtis 'Fandango' Hussey, left, and WWE

Professional wrestler Curtis 'Fandango' Hussey, left, and WWE wrestler Danielle Moinet, aka Summer Rae, arrive at WWE and E! Entertainment's "Superstars For Hope" at Beverly Hills Hotel on August 15, 2013 in Beverly Hills, Calif. Credit: Getty Images/Angela Weiss

Nothing tends to get wrestling fans riled up like a list ranking the greatest [insert just about anything wrestling related here] in history.

But, because few things are more subjective than music, WWE’s new DVD release, “Signature Sounds: The Music of The WWE DVD” provides a fun 70 minutes of entertainment and history, with relatively few reasons to throw something at your television.

“Signature Sounds” counts down the 25 greatest entrance themes in WWE history, and, as usual with WWE DVDs, provides no criteria on how the list was compiled or information on who compiled it. Nevertheless, WWE does a fine job of highlighting some of the most memorable anthems in WWE history, from the Ultimate Warrior’s head-bangingly intense music, to Fandango’s infectious cha-cha.

While trying to avoid spoilers here, you can be sure that classics like Chris Jericho’s “Break Down the Walls” and D-Generation X’s “Are You Ready?” are well-represented. There are also a couple of head scratchers that likely wouldn’t immediately come to mind as all-time greats, like the Primetime Players’ theme. And there are a few somewhat-obvious omissions, including Hulk Hogan’s iconic “Real American.”

But the actual rankings of the songs are far less interesting than their unique back stories. Longtime WWE music guru Jim Johnston walks viewers through how he came up with most of the songs on the list. And his unaccompanied acoustic rendition of some of familiar tunes is a lot of fun to watch and listen to.

In fact, “Signature Sounds” may have worked better if it ditched the countdown-format in favor of a straight-up documentary about the history of some of WWE’s most memorable themes, and of Johnston, the composer behind most of them.

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