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Betty White rocks 'Saturday Night Live'

Betty White, 87, plays Grandma Annie in Disney's

Betty White, 87, plays Grandma Annie in Disney's romantic comedy 'The Proposal.' Photo Credit: TPN

The Internet has given us a lot of great things since its inception, but one of its latest gifts to world has got to be the best. Its vigorous campaign to get TV legend Betty White to host “Saturday Night Live” was right on the mark as she nailed her hosting duties last night.

I will admit, I was a little nervous for the almost 90-year-old White. Hosting SNL is not easy, and she not only did it with ease, but you can tell she was having a blast. She once again proved that she was sharp as a tack and has not lost her touch since “The Golden Girls.”

Her first skit was the hilarious Lawrence Welk Show. It was nostalgic to see SNL greats Molly Shannon and Ana Gasteyer make appearances in the skit. Even though White didn’t have a huge role in this skit, it was the opening of the show and it set a great tone for what was to come. The first time White appeared she got a tremendous ovation, which showed how much the fans were sticking by their gal.

Other good stuff:

Gotta love White mentioning Facebook in her monologue and then bashing some of its users for being losers.

The greatest skit of the night was a throwback to the late 1990s with Molly Shannon and Ana Gasteyer’s NPR radio show. If it doesn’t ring a bell off the top of your head, all I will say is that Alec Bladwin’s “Schweddy Balls” moment came from this sketch. Last night, White came on the NPR show, “Delicious Dish,” and the ladies discussed her “muffin.” Oh boy, that’s right, White’s “muffin.” The bit was vulgar, as it should have been, but not as good as Baldwin’s. It's not really fair to compare to Baldwin’s skit because that still ranks as one of the greatest skits in SNL history.

Jay-Z was good as usual. He performed a combination of “99 Problems,” “Public Service Announcement,” and “Empire State of Mind” for his first song. “Forever Young” was his second song, which he dedicated to White who by the way introduced him both times like she knew of Jay-Z and his work for years.

Tina Fey made a few appearances, but one sketch comes to mind with White that really stands out. Fey works for the Census and knocks on White’s door. White played this older woman who can best be described as loopy. Her answers to the Census questions only get weirder as the skit goes on. It’s worth a watch as White pulls off the skit with such ease.

The only negative was the ONE reference to “The Golden Girls.” White sang a punk-rock version of “Thank You for Being a Friend.” I was holding out hope that Rue McClanahan would show up as "Blanche" and bring the "Rose Nylund" out of White.

It was a great night for Betty White overall. I’m not going to label her as “adorable” as some in the media might. Why label her as “adorable?” Just because she is 88-years-old she needs to be labeled that way? This woman is a TV legend that has won numerous awards for her work. Cute and adorable are not the first words that should be used to describe what she did on SNL.

Instead, fun is a better word to describe her hosting SNL. Yea, it felt like the writers had White make a lot of old jokes and sexual innuendos, but it worked. White has had such remarkable momentum these last few months. From the moment the Snickers commercial aired during the Super Bowl in January till now. I honestly see this roll continuing for White. It’s not a flavor of the month thing.


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