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Big deal or what? Scarlett Johansson, Ryan Reynolds dine

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds, once considered one

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds, once considered one of Hollywood's most beautiful couples, split in December 2010 after two years of marriage. Credit: composite

 According to, Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds had a “friendly” dinner Friday at Blue Ribbon restaurant in New York City. The net has been buzzing about this because the two announced just last week that they decided it would be best to end their two year marriage. My question: What’s the big deal?

These two people decided that they no longer wanted to be together and they are both cool with it. Cheating, abuse or any other drama wasn’t involved in the reason for the spilt, according to the couple, so why can’t they be friends? I am definitely not a relationship expert, but I don’t think it’s a crazy idea to have dinner with your ex, especially if you two ended on good terms.

A dinner doesn’t mean the two are getting back together. Can’t people just eat and chill anymore without being in a relationship? If dinner equals a relationship then I guess we all better watch who we have a meal with then huh? (Rolling eyes)

I think the two having dinner after announcing a split is either very mature on their part or a way to gain some publicity. Either way I don’t get what the big deal is.

Do you think this is as much of a big deal as everyone is making it out to be? Hit us with your comments.

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