Late actor Anne Heche's memoir will be published in January....

Late actor Anne Heche's memoir will be published in January. She died of injuries sustained in a car crash on Aug. 14 at age 53. Credit: Invision / AP / Taylor Jewell

In a memoir Anne Heche worked on over the past year, the actor shared candid thoughts on her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres in the late 1990s, when they were among Hollywood's first openly gay couples.

"I was labeled ‘outrageous’ because I fell in love with a woman. I had never been with a woman before I dated Ellen," Heche wrote in “Call Me Anne,” which Start Publishing has scheduled for January. Heche died Aug. 14 at age 53 of injuries sustained in a car crash in Los Angeles.

In her lifetime, Heche said that Hollywood effectively blacklisted her for being with DeGeneres, who around the same time made television history by having her character in the sitcom “Ellen” come out as gay.

“I did not, personally, identify as a lesbian. I simply fell in love! It was, to be clear, as odd to me as anyone else. There were no words to describe how I felt," Heche wrote in her book, a sequel to the memoir “Call Me Crazy,” published in 2001. "Gay didn’t feel right, and neither did straight. Alien might be the best fit, I sometimes thought.”

Heche also wrote about having Harrison Ford as a mentor, along with stories about Alec Baldwin, Ivan Reitman and Oliver Stone, among others.

The book's release was first announced by Publishers Weekly.

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