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Book Nook: 'The 3 Promises' review

THE 3 PROMISES: Find Joy Every Day. Do What You Love. Make a Difference, by David J. Pollay. Sterling, 191 pp., $19.95.

David J. Pollay, who has worked with businesses in his field of applied positive psychology, writes, "It's one thing to feel unhappy, but it's a lot worse to feel that you're squandering your natural strengths, wasting opportunities to help others and missing times to be joyful with the people you love and care about."

He suggests starting your days with a positive ritual -- meditation, prayer, expressing gratitude or love, or looking for beauty -- a "burst of orange color" in your life.

As for doing what you love, create a "fill year" and "start exploring your interests now," he writes. Pull out your planner and schedule activities. "Do something every day that helps you better understand what ignites your passion." And you can make a difference, even in close relationships: "Hug now. Don't save it."

THE SCOOP He offers ideas for the "3 Promises 3-Day Challenge": "Watch birds." "Read a few pages of a book that inspires you." "Hold the door for people."

THE BOTTOM LINE Work toward keeping promises to yourself, he writes -- "find joy every day, do what you love, make a difference" -- and you'll find happiness.

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